KIBO – Twin-Wall Panels

With extrusion, objects are created using pressure and heat – just as with KIBO’s high-impact polypropylene twin-wall panels. KIBO twin-wall panels incorporate unique internal spacers which create void space between their walls. These monolithic spacers are formed simultaneously with the panel walls, i.e. without requiring a subsequent process step. The three panel versions offered, KIBO-H, -M and -X, each have different spacer geometries. The spacers and their configurations give KIBO panels their signature properties making them suitable for wide-ranging applications. Their level surfaces and extremely light weight make them outstanding materials for upscale commercial displays and small-sized packaging. On the other hand, their rugged physical strength makes them highly suitable for use in portable structures for trade fairs and other commercial exhibits. KIBO offers twin-wall panels as semi-finished stock and in prefabricated finished modules including floor protection and partitioning wall systems.

Floor protection systems are used to protect high-end flooring such as parquetry, floorboards or stone from damage during renovation or construction work. In indoor and outdoor applications alike, KIBO wall systems serve as construction site and dust control partitions which are quick and easy to place, move and remove. They are also well suited for use as pedestrian guidance systems and posting surfaces for advertising or other public information.

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