KIBO Twin-Wall Panels
Monolithically Fabricated – Well-Connected

The three types of KIBO twin-wall panels offered are identical in their basic properties. All have outstanding chemical resistance. All are recyclable and therefore environment-friendly. All are easy to process by cutting, drilling, welding etc. and provide good thermal and acoustic insulation. All can be used over a wide service temperature range from – 20 °C to + 90 °C. The design characteristic in which KIBO-H, KIBO-M and KIBO-X differ is the configuration and structure of the spacers connecting their walls.

Outstanding impact resistance
Rugged, high flexural strength
Easy to process
Excellent moisture and weathering resistance
Wide service temperature range
Extremely durable
Easy to clean
Absolutely level surfaces with satin-effect finish provided by patented "air cushion" technology
Suitable for digital and/or screen printing when corona treated
Can be laminated

Optional features:
Enhanced UV stability
Enhanced flame resistance
Electrically conductive
Precut blanks and oversize panels
Special colours and 2-colour panels