Next-Loop! –
The Cost-Saving Idea for Our Environment

At Infinex, we are known throughout the industry for our outstanding quality and exceptional workmanship. This is a result of our uncompromising quality assurance, which starts with the incoming raw materials and extends through the entire manufacturing process to the finished products leaving the plant. However, even the best panels and products can, on occasion, be damaged or even destroyed by improper use. That’s why, we have set up our exclusive ‘Next-Loop!’ service for our KINO twin-wall panels.

When it comes to the repair, replacement or recycling of damaged panels, customers can benefit from this service in several different ways. In particular, the panels stay in use for much longer, so reducing the need for new purchases. This helps protect the environment and conserve natural resources. Customers also benefit from low repair costs, savings on replacement panels and credits for returned panels – a definite plus for the environment. What is more, the "Next-Loop!" services are not only provided for KIBO products but for almost all types of similar polypropylene panels as well.