KIBO-X Panels
"X’s" Inside – For XXL Applications Outside

KIBO-X is the professional for heavy-duty jobs. The vertical and x-shaped spacer structure inside these PP twin-wall panels provides highest flexural strength with very low area weight. KIBO-X panels are ideally suited for large-sized applications: for big banners, for large structures in trade fair and exhibition construction and for full-scale models. In the automotive sector, KIBO-X panels are ideal for interior panels and components in vehicles such as HGV’s, trucks, motor homes and caravans.


Extremely rugged, highest flexural strength
Outstanding impact resistance
Easy to process
Excellent resistance to moisture and weathering
Wide service temperature range
Extremely durable
Easy to clean
Absolutely level surfaces with satin-effect finish provided by patented "air cushion" technology
Suitable for digital or screen printing when corona treated
Can be laminated (e.g. with nonwovens, textiles, leather etc.)

Standard Panels

Dimensions: 2100 x 2400 mm (2100 mm in lengthwise direction of spacers)
Colours: natural, white, grey RAL 7001, black

Optional Features

Enhanced UV stability
Enhanced flame resistance
Electrically conductive
Precut blanks and oversize formats
Special colours and 2-colour boards